Flexible, Peerfunded Loans to Help Your Business Grow

Loans of up to $50,000 coming to Canada in 2016.

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Streamlined Automated Process

7 Day Approval

1-3 Year Term

Stress Free, Easy to Pay Loans

Flexible Payments

Peerfunder loans are paid back as a percentage of your business's revenue.

No Set Payback Period

A Peerfunder loan lowers the risk of defaulting by having a variable payback period.

Alignment of Interests

A Peerfunder loan is an easy to pay loan. When your business succeeds, Peerfunder succeeds.

Loans that truly work for your business.

Abscond from traditional loans and discover the Peerfunder way. Our loans are designed to work with your business's monthly revenue, so you can stop worrying about debt and start working towards success.

Empower your business, not burden it with debt.

We connect your business to the capital you need without taking equity or forcing you into a predatory contract. Peerfunder's mission is to reshape the loan and investment industry through the success of our clients.

Get the right loan

Peerfunder loans combine the lastest in technology with a human touch. We work with your business to make sure you get the loan that works right for you. Gone are the ways of rigid, debt inducing bank loans. Welcome to the Peerfunder way.

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